Red Carpet at the premier of Cats the Musical. Pictured is Cara Wilson.

You’re either a Cat person or you’re not!

As the saying goes, “You’re either a Cat person or you’re not” and while I would normally have to agree, here I am, a complete and utter ‘non cat person’ attempting to convince you all to head out and see Cats the Musical…Go figure!

On Sunday night I attended the Sydney Premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s’ world famous and recently revived musical, Cats. Going in, I had no expectations whatsoever but, given that the show is one of the most famous musicals of all time, I had to see what the fuss was about. I had been warned prior to attending that due to the lack of any substantial storyline, I may find myself lapsing into a pit of monotony. I am pleased to inform you all that this was most definitely not the case.

In 2014 the original ‘Cats’ creative team revived and modernised the show for a triumphant and hugely successful comeback at London’s famous West End. I would have loved to have seen the original so I could identify the differences and note what exactly it is they had ‘revived’, however, having a basic knowledge of the storyline, as most of us do, I was able to notice the obvious changes. Most notably, the part of Grizabella, cast in Australia by the incredibly talented Delta Goodrem is usually played by a larger, elderly, rather shabby looking woman of which Delta is of course the complete opposite. It’s been interesting to see so many articles outraged that the part wasnt played by someone older and closer to the original character. I however really don’t think it took away from the part whatsoever. First of all, Delta is our most successful Australian artist so we should count ourselves lucky to be able to see her cast in any musical, let alone one of this significance and secondly the fact that Delta plays a younger, more glamorous character who is ostracized for being beautiful and different is far more relatable in this day and age than that of the original character.

As a creative I am always in awe of set and costume design and Cats definitely didn’t disappoint. Set in a junkyard, everything was designed to look like waste which was then enlarged to create the illusion of the cats being life-size. The costumes were absolutely next level and I loved that all the characters played a different breed of Cat, it made it quite interesting trying to figure out who was the siamese cat, who was the tabby and so forth. Oh and Delta just on a side note I am totally borrowing your Grizabella costume for Halloween next year, it is brilliant!

All in all, my first ‘Cats’ experience was far better than what I anticipated. The dancing, the costumes, the set, the orchestra and the entire creative talent behind the whole production is the whole reason we enjoy musicals in the first place and Cats truly is a Classic that is not to be missed. Oh and just wait until you hear Delta sing ‘Memory’, if you don’t cry your eyes out I will personally refund your ticket.

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