Winter motivation

We all know that Summer bodies are created in Winter and while 70% of that summer body is made in the Kitchen, the remaining 30% can only be acheived through regular exercise.

Winter is undoubtedly the hardest time of the year to work up the motivation to get out and exercise and often the most diffuclt part is physically getting yourself to the gym not the actual workout itself. I have said it before and I will say it again…I find that the best form of motivation is new gym gear, I know it isnt practical to run out and buy a new pair of gym tights every time you dont feel like going to the gym but a fresh set every now and then can really get you in the mood for it. Chances are, if you feel great when you get dressed for the gym, you are more likely to actually make it there.

For me personally, the most motivating kind of workout gear is usually of the bright, colourful kind. Often when I buy a set that matches and looks great together I am excited to hit the gym and get a workout in.When this Reebok outfit hits stores in September I will be first in line to scoop it up, it’s the perfect little set to keep you motivated to exercise.

IMG_7697 IMG_7693 IMG_7686 IMG_7736 IMG_7749 IMG_7709 IMG_7711 IMG_7747

Top: Reebok

Tight: Reebok

Crop top: Witchery Balance

Shoes: Nike

Photography: @theinkedshooter

KW x

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