wild weather hair-The struggle is real!

This wild Sydney weather is really doing no favours for my hair at the moment (first world problems I know). Lately we have been experiencing all four seasons in one day which makes it incredibly hard to get dressed and ready in the morning. Take Anzac day for example…Beautiful sunny and warm in the morning, hailing/snowing by lunch and then so much rain we had flooding by dinner. That kind of wild weather makes it absolutely impossible to dress appropriately for the day. By the time I was home I was wet, freezing and my once perfectly curled hair was knotted and soaking wet.

Throughout this crazy weather I would always end up throwing my hair up into a messy bun in a desperate attempt to look half decent for the remainder of the day. Recently however, in an attempt to be a little prepared for the weather, I have been leaving the house in a perfectly styled low bun and it has absolutely changed my attitude towards the weather completely.

I no longer have to worry about what my hair is doing or how drenched it is getting in the rain, it just sits in place all day and doesnt budge. Not to mention it is very Audrey Hepburn-esque and looks alot like I have gone to a great deal of effort but in reality it is simple, quick and looks great on most face shapes.

Its safe to say that if Mother nature continues to be as unpredictable and rampant as she has been I am going to be rocking this hairstyle alot until she calms herself down a bit.

AA0O0224 AA0O0271 AA0O0226 AA0O0223 AA0O0216 AA0O0215

Hair/Make-up: Susan Omar @susanmoshi

Photography: Yazzen Omar @yazzenphotography

Vest: Veronika Maine

Boots: Sambag

KW x

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