Tokyo Dreaming

My amazing trip to Tokyo is unfortunately well and truly over. It is now but a distant memory of which I will forever hold incredibly dear. Thankfully, I have a lifetime of stories, hilarious experiences and approximately three thousand photographs to remind me of my time there.

Among those three thousand photographs I managed to shoot a few of my favourite travel outfits. These are probably some of the most organic shots I have taken for my blog to date. I would literally get up in the morning, decide what to wear and then head out to explore the city. While out on these adventures Beau and I would often spot a cool house, wall or street and he would just tell me to stop so he could take photos of me in front of them. I always find that these pictures always tend to be the ones I like most because they are 100% natural, not contrived in any way and are a true representation of my life which is what being a fashion blogger should be all about.

On this particular day I wore this white shirt which I picked up from the greatest little boutique in Harajuku the day before. It is by Japanese label Journal standard who are famous for their classic casual wear with a modern edge. It is very difficult to offer you an australian comparison because the Japenese really do have their own unique sense of style but if I had to describe it I would say there are traces of Bassike and Acne with bits of Country road thrown through.


IMG_1208 IMG_1205 IMG_1212 IMG_1217 IMG_1201 IMG_1256 IMG_1209 IMG_1203

Shirt: Journal Standard

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Camilla and Marc

Sunglasses: Quay

Photography: @theinkedshooter

KW x


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