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Before I started Crossfitting I was a keen and avid boxer. I tried it all…Kickboxing, Muay Thai, pump, boxercise, you name it I did it. While its no secret that I am a devout crossfit enthusiast I don’t mind a boxing class here and there, in fact, I might go as far as saying I miss them a little.

We exercise for a number of reasons, to loose weight, to tone up, to get fit, for peace of mind and even to relieve stress and anxiety, and let me tell you, there is nothing more stress relieving than putting on a pair of gloves and beating the crap out of a set of punching pads. Along with being one of the best avenues for anger and anxiety release, its damn good at giving your body an all over workout. I can crossfit until the cows come home but can’t last 15 minutes into a boxing class before my arms feel like they are going to drop off my body.

A good friend of mine, Lauryn Eagle, is an Australian professional boxer and as a woman I absolutely admire her strength, stamina, drive and her endless amounts of energy. Recently she started taking boxing classes at my gym which of course in a show of support I took a couple of times on a Saturday and for someone who is used to exercising a lot my body absolutely ached the next day.  Lauryns classes really ignited my love of boxing again, that and the fact that I will do whatever it takes to have her body, if that means boxing then boxing it is!

Fitness aside and onto the fashion ‘cos thats important too. There have been so many fashion editorials shot in boxing rings, most notably Chanel a few seasons ago. Think Cara Delevigne in fringed leather and thigh high boxing boots…It was dreamy! I have alwasy wanted to shoot in the new boxing ring at my gym but just couldnt find the right get-up to set the scene until the fashion gods opened the heavens and sent me this mesh baseball tee. It just belongs in a boxing ring dont you think? (swimmer bottoms optional)

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Top: Stella McCartney for Adidas

One piece: Seafolly

Photographer: @theinkedshooter

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