‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the season to be Jolly, Merry, generous and all those other warm fuzzy feelings that come with the festive season, but above all else, ‘Tis the season to party!

There is not a single day throughout the entire year where we are more inclined to party and get a little loose than on the eve of the New year and if there is one day a year where we can justify buying a new outfit it is New years eve. We couldnt possibily ring in the new year in last years dress, that would be seriously contradictory to the entire reason we are celebrating.

While most of us couldnt possibly bear the thought of facing a New year party without a new outfit, it isnt usually as easy as simply purchasing a new frock. New Years eve falls almost exactly after christmas day which means the majority of us are usually pretty strapped for cash. Yes, there are always the boxing day/end of year sales which are usually pretty good, that is, if you are crazy enough to brave the shop floors this time of year.

Thankfully I did the research prior and found the perfect little New years eve dress. I’ts summer in the southern hemisphere right now which means New years is likely to be a balmy one for all of us sydneysiders. An easy, bright summers dress is usually the go to outfit each New Years and I dont see why this year should be any different, depending of course where you are celebrating.

This dress is absolutely perfect for the time of the year and is flattering and classy while still being incredibly sexy. I usually have an aversion to halter necks but this dress is slowly converting me. It features a low back, deep V, assymetric peplum and a side split. The colour combo on this dress is also a wonderful feature as it combines three beautiful pastel colours which are incredibly complimentary to a tan, sprayed or natural.

Dress: Shakuhachi
Shoes: Tony Bianco
Sunglasses: AM Eyewear

Photography: @theinkedshooter

KW x

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