The Strapless Shirt

One of my favourite Summer go to outfits is a crisp collared shirt but the truth is, sometimes its just far too darn hot for that.

Thankfully the genius folk at MLM the label have created an originative version of the business shirt which can be worn all through summer, even on those scorching hot days. This innovative design I speak of is, of course the strapless shirt.

Take a normal business shirt, preferably of the strapless kind, cut it horizontally just under the arm holes and voila!! Ok…So I suppose theres a little more to it than that but you get the jist of it.

Like I said, Its genius, take a look for yourselves.

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Top: MLM Label

Shorts: One Teaspoon

Shoes: Windsor Smith

Sunglasses: Roc Eyewear

Photography: @theinkedshooter

KW x

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