The Daily Edit: Winter Brights

Winter is almost upon us which means saying goodbye to all the colour in our wardrobes and hello to three months of greys, blacks and whites. While I do love winter fashion and dull coloured ensembles I have always been a girl of colour, so come winter time saying those final farewells to my bright summer wardrobe has always been a little upsetting. Of course that was before I discovered the perfect winter mini.

who says you cant wear a mini in winter. Really, compared to a lot of other countries, an Australian winter is a relatively balmy one so i don’t see the problem. Or I could just be making excuses to wear this skirt all year round. You can only imagine my excitement when I laid eyes on this electric blue brushed cotton mini skirt. The fabric is a lot warmer than a normal cotton and its texture gives off that warm cozy winter feeling. Pair it back with a grey knit some heels or boots and you are all set to to tackle winter in style…and colour of course.

Knit: Staple the LabelSkirt: Mink Pink
Photography: Beau
KW x

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