The Daily Edit: Wedding season

It’s nearing the end of the year and that means warmer weather, holidays and cocktails in the sun, however it also means that wedding season is finally upon us.

Over the next few months I have been invited to approximately four weddings and while I am all for the lavish celebrations of love I am not a fan of spedning obscene amounts of money on an outfit I will most probably never wear again. I mean, it’s not like I can wear the same outfit to all four weddings.

Most of us can get carried away come wedding season and tend to spend alot more money on an outfit than we normally would for any other ocassion. We somehow justify this by telling ourselves that it is a wedding and it only happens once in a liftime for the couple and they have spent alot of money on this day and we should put in a lot of effort to at least look amazing. I suppose most of the aforementioned makes for a pretty reasonable justtification, however it got me thinking. How can we save ourselves money when we have to purchase four new outfits in the space of only a couple of months.

The key is of course Investing in everyday pieces. Dont buy the hot pink strapless knee length dress for $600 from Manning Cartell. When are you ever going to wear that again? you couldnt possibly wear it to the next wedding you’re invited to, that would be conmplete fashion suicide. So what is one to do?

My number one tip would be to attend all the warehouse sales in the lead up to all your weddings. Most of the popular australian fashion labels will hold end of season sales/sample and warehouse sales towards the end of the year. My other tip is to buy pieces you can invest in and ones you will wear again. I know it’s frowned upon to wear black OR white to a wedding, which actually really bugs me as the majority of the time a black or white dress is often something you will wear again. I find the way around this rule is to wear both black and white and rock a monochrome look, similar to the outfit below which I wore to a friends wedding a few weeks back.

I picked up the pants at a sample sale for $99 and the top is by a great australian label called MLM whose price points are rarely ever over $200. These great pants are as huge trend for Spring/Summer so I will definitely get more wear out of them and the top can be paired with an array of other bottoms.

Top: MLM label
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Pants: Suboo
Shoes: Windsor Smith
Photography: Beau W

KW x

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