The Daily Edit: The Power of Three

Often an outfit requires three pairs of shoes. On second thought, maybe It’s just me and I cant seem to decide which pair to wear? Either way, there have been too many ocassions where I wish I had 3 sets of feet so I could wear all my shoes at once. I found myself in this exact dilemna whilst trying to style the outfit below.

Heels, sneakers or sandals? This was and is a dilemna I face frequently (first wolrd problems I know). When they all look equally as stylish and cool which pair do you succumb to? The heels? Well, that depends… Are you off to an event which requires you to scrub up quite presentably and make an impression? No? well then perhaps the sneakers? that is of course if you plan on taking a stroll down trendy Oxford street and making the obligatory pit stop at the paddington markets. Or perhaps you are meeting friends for lunch down at the beautiful bondi beach and sandals really are the appropriate footwear afterall?

Whatever the reasoning is behind choosing which pair to go with, my point is that there have been times where we wish we could wear all of them. Which interestingly enough was the perfect inspiration for this blog post. The Power of Three– When shoes gang up and bully you into indecisiveness. The only way out is to give in and wear them all. Damn shoes, they win every time!

On a positive note, thanks to my incredibly domineering collection of shoes I have been able to create three amazing looks all out of the one outfit. The leopard sneakers give this outfit a real tomboy hip hop feel to it, it is really edgy and street. Swap the leopard sneakers for the leopard heels and voila! an instant chic ensemble, altering the outfit from rather masculine to extremely pretty and girly in a flash. Swap the heels for the comfort of these sandals and I am quickly transformed into a beachfront local. Bondi Markets here we come!

Top: Bec & Bridge
Skirt: West 14th Sneakers: Tony Bianco
Heels: Diavolina from Wanted shoes
Sandals: Windsor Smith
Bag: Bowie Accesories
Rings: Swarovski
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Photography: Tim Frawley www.takenbytim.com.au
KW x

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