The Daily Edit: Summer outfit soul mate

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of anything distressed or slightly torn, especially of the denim kind, so, it should come as no surprise then when I say I want to marry these shorts. Ok, a little weird but surely you understand the logic.

For most of us, the cut off denim short is a necessity if we are to tackle the sydney summer in style. The majority of us probably own enough pairs to open up our own shop, myself included. I literally have about ten pairs of denim shorts and I dare say that is a rather low number. Out of those ten pairs of shorts I probably wear about…oh lets see…maybe one pair. Thats right! one pair out of ten. Call me a horder if you will, or an excessive shopper, both are likely to be true. However, the real truth behind my excessive collection of shorts that never see the light of day is this:

I simply dont like them anymore.

You see, I used to do the whole denim short shorts thing with the pockets hanging out, distressed hems and gaping holes in the front and I used to pull it off quite nicely…When I was 16! I think I grew out of it a long time ago but have always naturally associated denim shorts with being…well, short. So, out of habit I’ve always opted for the shorties. Until now of course. I am clearly no longer 16 and I clearly no longer frequent music festivals so there is absolutley no need to be wearing shorts as underwear (ughh the memories). This summer I’ve opted for a longer, baggier more stylish short to add to my wardrobe.

From cult denim label fave One teaspoon, these knee length denim shorts are by far my fave for the season. Still edgy and stylish with the distressed hem but so much more appropriate and comfortable than the wedgy tight festival goer kind.

Be careful what you wear them with though because they may cut you off and make you look short and frumpy. I have teamed mine with a crop to elongate the body, but just imagine them for a second with heels and a blazer… Thats what I thought, soul mate in an outfit!


Top: Celeste Tesoriero
Shorts: One Teaspoon
Sunglasses: AM eyewear
Photography: Fiance Beau
KW x

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