The Daily Edit: Street Style

Every single year at fashion week what has always excited me more than seeing the actual shows is witnessing the style and fashion out on the streets. Street style bloggers, paparazzi, the local media and your every day fashion enthusiats flock to fashion week every year to gather outside and take candid snaps of everyone arriving. This is usually where some of the most unique and albeit a little extreme fashion is found.

For someone that is new to Fashion week, the trip from the car into the venue can be quite a daunting task. Constantly being stopped left right and centre to have your picture taken can make some people feel uneasy but unfortunately for those people it is all part of the Fashion week experience. As for me, well, this is my favourite part of the process. Not because I thoroughly enjoy having my picture taken but because at fashion week you dont need to be someone or have a status to be recognised and appreciated by others. That is what I find inredibly beautiful about what fashion is able to do for an individual. It feeds confidence and boosts self gratitude. Afterall, someone has noticed you out of a crowd of people and aknowledged what it is that makes you unique.

Some people find fashion week to be an incredibly vain and egocentric place to congregate but if you view it the way I do it can only serve you positivley. A place to network and meet new people who have similar goals and attributes and who whole heartedly love and appreciate fashion just like you do. To me that is uplifting!
Day one of MBFWA I was approached by two men to have my photo taken. They were two that make up a group of four street style bloggers aptly named ‘Four Eyes’. New Zealand based but For this one week they crossed the ditch to experience Fashion from across the Tasman. They loved my look below for the Carla Zampatti show, they thought it was simple and clean and were also obsessed with my white camera case…Duh!

I of course loved this outfit also. Not only for the aformentioned reasons but mainly because this entire look cost under $250 to put together. In a sea of people that are decked out in high end designer ensembles probably worth more than our weekly pay checks, It is refreshing to be noticed and plucked out of the crowd in an outfit that is inexpensive and most importantly can be purchased by anyone. Affordable and Chic, now thats a trend I am willing to back!

All Pictures coutesy of ‘Four Eyes Blog’ For more head
Top: Staple the Label
Skirt: Shakuhachi
Shoes: Sass and Bide
Bag: Bowie Accessories
Camera: Samsung NX1000
KW x


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