The Daily Edit: Normcore

Wikipedia defines normcore as ‘a unisex fashion trend characterised by unpretentious, average-looking clothing’ which, most of us would loosely translate to an outfit being ‘daggy’ or somewhat ‘unfashionable’.

The term Normcorm was coined by a trend forecasting group due to the oversaturation of Fashion and the ever changing cycle of fashion trends. I suppose the aim was to create a trend for people who do not want to differentiate themselves from others by what they wear and instead blend into a crowd as opposed to stand out.

This really got me thinking. Can you really call a trend a trend if its sole purpose is to not be a trend? Stay with me…You see When something is ‘trending’ it generally means that it is popular for this current season but often trends will come and go which is why it makes it hard to remain current in the ever changing world of fashion, enter Normcore!

While most people interpret normcore as nothing more than a plain casual outfit I would have to disagree. It is a trend afterall and as far as I am concerned trends are anything but plain or casual. I like to interpret Normcore as this: A trend incorporating timeless, seasonal and practical wear which can be transfered through the sexes.

A perfect example of my definition of Normcore is below. Stripes, denim, vests and slides. All once upon a time huge fashion trends of their generation. The only difference between these trends is that they have stood the test of time and are still classified as trendy or fashionable. A denim jacket will never date, nor will stripes or a classic black vest. Slides are a newer addition and while they were popular back in the late nineties they have made a comeback for Spring/summer and they are the hottest footwear going around at the moment.

So you see…Normcore doesnt have to be ugly or unfashionable. you can still blend into a crowd and feel stylish and on-trend. All you need to do is incorporate your timeless pieces into your outfit and you’re set.

Dress: Viktoria & Woods
Denim Jacket: Viktoria & Woods
Vest: Next UK online
Sunglasses: Roc Eyewear
Bag: Next UK online
Slides: Windsor Smith

Photography: Hubby

KW x

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