The Daily Edit: Hibernian house

Last week I was fortunate enough to shoot some looks on the rooftop of Hibernian house in Surry Hills. Just to paint a picture for you here I will start by telling you a little about the building itself.

Hibernian house is a one of its kind in sydney. Spanning across 5 storeys, the majority of its 36 spaces are occupied by artists, whether it be dancers, poets, musicians, painters or video producers to name just a few. The idea of this building is to form a community where residents feed off eachother creatively. A high percentage of the residents actually live and work in the building and are often in collaboration with eachother. I find it absolutley fascinating. What is more fascinating and surreal is the actual building itself, it is incredibly bizzare from the minute you step  through the doors.

Upon entering Hibernian house you Instantly see what all the fuss is about. The building is literally covered in Grafitti from every inch of the floor you walk on to every inch of the ceiling above and it is the same on every single level. What suprised me more was that Grafitti in the building is actually encouraged, with respected and well renown artists given permission to decorate the walls.

The rooftop of the building is no exception, It is entirely covered in murals and Grafitti. After our terrifying ride to the top in what is possibly the scariest, smelliest and slowest lift in the world we were greated by a rooftop of partygoers still drinking from the night before. I will have you know that this is at 7:30 in the morning so you can imagine the state they were in. Reservations aside, we had to shoot up here so I got to work styling my first outfit.

I always knew I loved this knit and skirt together. To begin with I wanted to pair it with a pair of black pumps, but after being heavily influenced and inspired by my surrounds I thought to myself you know what I am going to have fun with this. I added a pair of Phillip Lim mesh boots, a pink bag and some mirrored sunnies and together we created magic.

Knit: Viktoria & Woods
Skirt: Witchery
Boots: Phillip Lim from Pelle4Scarpe
Bag: Coach from Pelle4Scarpe
Sunglasses: Prism from Pelle4Scarpe
Photographer: Chris McGeown
KW x

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