The Daily Edit: Harnessing Lace

There is absolutely nothing more sophisticated and sexy than a crisp white shirt on a woman. I know some of you may argue otherwise and state that a white shirt can make you feel rather like a tomboy, due in part to its failure to outline a womans shape. However, I have solved this age old predicament and it is all thanks to the humble harness.

A small piece of fabric often refereed to as a crop or midi that covers only the bust region and should never, I repeat NEVER be worn solely on its own. The beauty of the harness worn over the shirt is that it accentuates the bust region and creates curves while still pulling off the effortless boyfriend style of the crisp white shirt.

The harness over the white shirt can be worn with a multitude of different bottoms however my favourite of the moment are these lace pants by Ginger and Smart. I mean, firstly who doesn’t love lace? and secondly who wouldn’t find any excuse to wear them as pants? The issue of course is that lace is rather revealing and when lined it often defeats the purpose of having that beautiful lace detailing in the first place. The Ingenious design duo at Ginger and Smart have come up with the solution, only lining the pants to mid thigh with the rest of the leg unlined to show off the stunning detail of the fabric. Genius!

To finish the outfit off, add a black bag as Ive done, some great patent boots and a check jacket if it is extra chilly.

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Shirt: Josh Goot
Harness: Lucid the label
Pants: Ginger and Smart
Jacket: Somedays lovin
Shoes: Zu shoes
Bag: Marc Jacobs available at Pelle Shoes
Photographer: Chris McGeown
KW x

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