The Daily Edit: Do it like a dude

The pant suit, or to be specific, the ‘short suit’ as I have aptly renamed it is one of my most favoured Autumn outfit choices. Afterall, when else can you dress like a man from head to toe and still feel sexy as hell? not all that often I’d say, however the short suit is the exception.

The secret to owning the short suit and looking incredibly sexy while doing so is all in the tailoring. The Jacket must be exceptionally tailored so as to accentuate the wasit. It must also be a longer line than a traditional office blazer, preferably one that falls mid bottom. Now the shorts must not be tight in any sense of the word, there is nothing tackier than a pair of hot pants and heels. If the shorts are a loose fit but still nice and tailored around the waist they will create the illusion of slimmer legs.

To pair this outfit perfectly add a pair of stilettos and a silk cami. If sans bra is too revealing for you or you are small busted like myself then add a silk bra underneath for that extra bit of edge.

There you have it, How to do it like a dude and still look and feel as womanly and sexy as ever.

Jacket: Daniel Avakian
Shorts: Daniel Avakian
Silk top: Daniel Avakian
Shoes: Zu shoes
Bangle: John Hardy
Photographer: Chris McGeown
KW x

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