The Daily Edit: Derby day

Everytime spring Racing rolls around I am always filled with a little sense of dread and boredum. Every year, there are only ever a small handful of people that push the boundaries and take risks, and while there are strict dress codes to adhere to, the rules are always there to be broken.

Often there are some who will rock a burst of colour on derby or wear something incredibly revealing to a posh marquee and more recently not wear headwear at all ( Christine Centenera I am looking at you). I suppose herein lies my issue. Headwear…or fascinators I should say. I really dont find anyhting tackier than a bunch of coloured sticks and feathers sewn to a headband and worn on the head. While most of our milliners are incredibly talented and do a fabulous job creating modern and classy pieces there are some people (customers) you just cant reign in.

Another issue I have is that I havent been stunned by a racewear outfit in a while. Not since Lara Bingle attending derby day looking like one of the ladies from White lady funerals. While most thought it was a hilarious joke, I loved it! why? because she took a risk, she did something different and it had everyone talking. It was exciting and that is what fashion is all about.

This year I had the pleasure of dressing the lovely Sylvia jeffreys from the Today show for Derby day. While you will have to wait for saturday to see exactly what she wears I can let you in on a little hint…She isnt wearing a dress and she isnt wearing a traditional fascinator. Any guesses?

I was invited to attend Derby this year but sadly couldnt fly down due to other commitments. If in fact I was to attend I would wear something along the lines of the below. Modern, stylish, suprising, different and a little risque. Like I said, the rules are there to be broken!

Jacket: Daniel Avakian
Pants: Daniel Avakian
Veil: Pelle shoes Paddington
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Photography: Chris McGeown

Hair/Makeup: By Normie

KW x

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