The Daily Edit: Cheap as Chips

The absolute bane of my existence is constantly attempting to dress stylish and modern while sticking to a strict budget. Lets face it, while all the money in the world cant buy you style, it sure as heck helps. However I have always felt that the true talent lies with the person who doesn’t have the most cash to splash out on an outfit and instead with the person who is able to create an effortless and stylish look while on a budget.

How many times have you flicked through the pages of a magazine or scrolled through your instagram feed to see the most amazing outfits all of which look far too expensive to buy? Only then to be greeted with content when you realise you too can in fact afford this gorgeous creation. I personally find myself in this position at least once a week.
More often than not the outfits which cost me the least are the ones which people usually compliment me on the most. So, as a veteran budget shopper and someone who has sifted through all the countless charity stores and Vinnies bargain baskets I am here to share my tips.

The number one rule when shopping on a strict budget is to buy timeless pieces. There have been so many occasions where I have bought a piece of clothing from Vinnies only to be sending it back there a mere two months later. Dont shop for the trend of the season because all too often come next season that trend will be well and truly out. Stick to pieces which have been proven to stand the test of time, such as denim, black, stripes, blazers and fur and dont get caught up on buying crap just because its cheap.

A perfect example of a budget outfit I have put together is the outfit I am wearing below. The black shirt is Harris Scarfe which I believe cost me about $20. It is a plain black collarless shirt with a button cuff and hardly any detailing, perfect for accessorising, which is exactly what Ive done. To give this shirt a bit of life I have thrown a faux fur vest over the top which I picked up at a small discount store at DFO Homebush for $30. The skirt is a far more recent purchase and is one of the beautiful pieces I picked up at the Ginger and Smart Warehouse sale, but again I have opted for timeless and chosen a striped skirt with pockets which I scored a bargain on for $60. Last but not least my favourite shoes in the world, my Windsor Smith strappy black Sandals which I bought on sale last season at Wanted shoes for $100.

So there you go, a timeless, stylish and on trend outfit without the expensive price tag.

Shirt: Harris Scarfe
Vest: SES
Skirt: Ginger and Smart
Shoes: Windsor Smith
Photography: The Fiance Beau
KW x

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