The Daily Edit: Animal Print and silk roll necks

There comes a point in every womans life where she will loose all self control and eventually give in to the divine force that is animal print. This can either work tremendously in your favour or can bring about some monumental atrocities which can never be forgiven (I am talking to all you leopard on leopard thrill seekers). The trick is quite simple: Knowing how much animal print is too much animal print.

Animal print in general is something that has to be meticulously styled and worn sparingly, but when executed properly it can often create a stir…and for all the right reasons. While my favourite animal prints tend to be Zebra and leopard, this season its all about the monochromatic leopard or the snow leopard if you will. Combining two trends in the one print, monochrome and animal skin…Hello!!! what Genius thought of that?

Anyway the trick to styling animal print is to always go minimal. If it is a printed skirt that you have chosen to be the statement of your outfit always tone it down when adding on. Black looks Fantastic with every kind of animal print and never cheapens it, so if in doubt black it out! Take my outfit below for example, here I have paired my leopard skirt with a silk roll neck top and it works perfectly. They balance each other incredibly well. The skirt gives an edge to what is quite a feminine and rather conservative top. I am not a simple girl whatsoever so a pair of plain black shoes just would not suffice with this outfit, of course I had to add a strappy lace-up. Dont be afraid to add a statement shoe to leopard, as long as you arent bringing in any other colours you should be safe. To finish it off Ive accessorised with some black and white printed frames. see what I did there!! tying it all in rather nicely.

Top: Melinda & Narina
Skirt: Bec & Bridge
Sunglasses: Miu Miu from Sunglass Hut
Shoes: Windsor Smith
Photography: Tim Frawleywww.takenbytim.com.au
KW x

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