The Daily Edit: All at Once.

Today I am so excited to bring you another outfit post from the shoot I collaborated on a few weeks ago. Shot by my Amazing photographer Chris, hair and make-up created by none other than ByNormie who is literally the best in the biz and styled by yours truly.

This outfit is my favourite of all that we shot that day. It really embodies who I am as a person. Its fun, indecisive, quirky and confident, all that I am and aspire to be.

I went into this shoot desperate to use this bomber jacket. The jacket is by Neuw, the denim label but is in fact from the mens collection not the womens, which explains its awesome baggy qualities. It would be so obvious to team this jacket with a pair of jeans and a singlet so instead I thought outside the box and created this. A look I know even Carrie Bradshaw herself would be proud of.

Bomber Jacket: Neuw denim
Dress: Lexi Clothing
Jeans: One Teaspoon
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Photographer: Chris McGeown
Hair/makeup: By Normie www.bynormie.com.au
KW x


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