The Coat Edit: Pink

As most of you probably know I am in sunny LA right now (cue the jealousy) but unfortunately the majority of you will be reading this from a much cooler climate.

So… Instead of flooding my instagram feed with pictures of palm trees and cocktails from my adventures (give me time, they will come) Ive decided to post another Coat Edit, just for all my southern hemisphere readers.

The Pink statement coat has been a huge trend this season, it saturated the runways during the August/winter 2014 showings and now there are so many to choose from. So, this begs the queston, which is the best one to buy? Well, as most of you know I am a sucker for a bargain, especially when you are following a trend. Next winter the pink coat will most probably not be ‘in fashion’ so I always think it is best to spend less on trends and more on classics.

I spent what felt like months searching high and low for the perfect pink coat and was never short of options. They were everywhere, all with their own little unique touches to them. The problem was that because they are a huge trend at the moment the majority of them were quite pricey, around the 4-600 dollar mark. I am all for splurging on winter coats because essentially they are the best investment for your wardrobe, however as I mentioned before a bright pink one will only be ‘on trend’ for that one season.

After tirelessly searching for the perfect pink coat with a reasonable price tag I finally found what I was after and it came in the form of this staple the label pink zip up coat. An absolute bargain at $169, incredibly on trend, extremely warm, deep pockets (always a selling point for me) and a large silver zip for that added bit of statement.
dont walk…run! get it here:www.shopmarkethq.com

Coat: Staple the label
Top: MLM label
Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: Zara
Photography: Beau W
KW x

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