The Coat Edit: Grey

Over the next two weeks I am going to bring you my favourite coats for the season. Its mighty chilly out so instead of braving the cold yourself, sit back, relax and let me do the research for you.

The Humble Grey coat- A winter wardrobe necessity, a blank canvas! Well, thats how I like to look at it anyway. I have referred to grey in a couple of my posts as a “blah” colour but recently have really started to love it. I mean who are we kidding, winter fashion these days really doesnt give us a choice, the majority of colour options are black, white and grey so we may as well learn to love it!

I am the type of person who loves a bit of colour so you can only imagine how uninterested I would be with a grey coat. However I decided if the grey was light enough it would serve as the perfect blank canvas and it was this mentality that led me to finally fall in love with grey. Ultimately it is about finding the right tone and balance for you colour and for me the lightest of all greys works the best.

The beauty of this particular grey coat is that it can be paired with dark colours like black or charcoal but it is also light enough to be paired with pastels and whites. Which is exactly the way I love to style it. I decided that I would team it with a baby blue turtle neck to keep it very light and fresh up near the face and then wear it back with a pair of navy skinnies and some leopard espadrilles. Extremely chic, comfortable, stylish and most importantly super toasty warm!

Coat: Witchery
Knit: Witchery
Jeans: Witchery
Espadrilles: Sambag
Bag: Sambag

Photographer: Beau Weti

KW x

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