Sunday stripes

Sunday was such a beautiful winters day in Sydney. The air was crisp and fresh and while it was still rather chilly, the sun was out in all her glory and there wasnt a cloud in the sky.

Sometimes I find it a little difficult to dress for these particular days, reason being is because it is incredibly cold but somehow warm at the same time. Just like any other winters day, the air had an icyness to it, however when the sun was out, it provideed that much needed and always welcomed burst of warmth to the day.

I left the house in this outfit with a coat thrown over the top but got far too hot so I had to strip it down a layer. My biggest fear in winter is covering up a foul outfit with a gorgeous coat only to have to ditch the coat halfway through the day due to an unlikely rise in the temperature. Not to mention un-ironed clothes hiding under a coat, which I have been guilty of in the past…Nothing worse!

Thankfully I may have found a simple solution to this irrational fear of mine. A simple striped shirt with boyfriend Jeans, a fedora and sneakers. Its as easy as that. A coat thrown over the top works perfectly for when it gets chilly and if the sun decides to pop out for a play and warm up the day then what lies underneath the coat is just as stylish and wearable.

IMG_7158 IMG_7163 IMG_7133 IMG_7164 IMG_7146 IMG_7162 IMG_7139

 Shirt: Michael Lo Sordo

Jeans: Marques Almeida (available online at Shopbop)

Shoes: New Balance

Hat: Katies

Photography: @theinkedshooter

KW x

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