Summer the Wella way.

Welcome to spring… Come on in, its nice and warm inside!

Nothing is as sweet as the first warm day after a long and arctic winter (Ok maybe arctic is an exaggeration but the point still stands, I hate winter). That day just so happened to be today which I thought was the perfect time to introduce you all to the new Wella Freelights range.

Now I know most of you will slowly be starting to prepare yourselves for summer, and by prepare I mean spraytans, laser, bikini shopping, summer wardrobe sourcing, the list really does go on. But,  have any of you added highlights to your summer to do list? No? well then listen up because I have a special treat for you.

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to try out the new Wella Freelights range. Like any natural brunette I flinch at even the thought of going blonde and I know most of you, especially us brown haired folk will absolutely dread a trip to the salon to go lighter. We all leave with that horrible orange brassiness, hair feeling like an old broomstick and within a mere three weeks we are back in the salon chair colouring that dreaded regrowth. So really, why would we bother right? Well, what if I told you there was a new technology to lighten your hair, without creating brassy tones, had absolutely no chance of regrowth and had you leaving the salon with hair that felt like silk rather than broom bristles. Too good to be true right? Wrong!

The new Wella Freelights range is the next step in luxury colour treatments. You are all probably wondering what makes this technology so different from all the rest. Well, put simply, everything! absolutley everything is different, and better to be precise. This new technology has been specifically developed for freehand technique which means no more noisy annoying foil sheets. Using this technique my lovely colorist Holly was able to create soft, natural looking sun kissed locks, making all my fears of stripiness, brassy tones and regrowth redundant.

I have been a balayage girl for a few years now because it looks incredibly natural and is super low maintenance ( and yes I’m lazy). I usually have the ends dyed and brought a little bit higher every few months, which I know is absolutely detrimental to my hair but, lets face it, we suffer for beauty. With this new technology from Wella you wont have to worry about any of that because it combines lightening agents with a special clay formula which left my hair feeling silkier and softer than it ever had before.

Dont traipse into summer with coarse dull hair, unleash that sunkissed goddess inside and leap in with soft, healthy, low maintenance lightened hair.

KW x

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