Summer essentials for a weekend getaway

Over the weekend I took a short but sweet trip up the coast to a beautiful part of the world known as Fingal Head.

To those of you who are unfamiliar with Queensland or geography in general (like myself), Fingal head is a small coastal town approximately 15 minutes from Coolangata. And when I say Queensland I really mean NSW, well, to be truthful it is literally right on the border so could probably be classed as either and with the hour time difference never ceased to confuse me.

Once you wrap your head around what bloody time it is, the scenery is just to die for. I was lucky enough to stay in a huge beach house literally metres from Fingal head beach. Every morning I would wake up, walk to the backyard and onto the beach and just sit there staring at the waves.It was the most at peace I have felt in years and with what I do for a living, a little bit of peace is very much required.

The days leading up to my peace and quiet on the beach were a little more stressful. I had booked flights with only carry on baggage which I suppose is only commonplace for a weekend trip, however when you are a girl, whos a blogger, who works in fashion, mentally packing my suitcase I had oh lets say 3 bags in total! Unfortunately this meant that the bulk of my summer wardrobe had to stay at home #sadface.

This dilemma of mine had me thinking. What are five summer essentials I couldnt do without for a summer weekend getaway? Obviously there will be room in your little carry on bag for plenty more however these are the pieces you should not be culling.

  • A pair of slides
  • A bikini (duh)
  • Denim cut offs
  • A summer singlet
  • Your fave sunglasses

Of course we woman couldnt stop there, because what about hair dryers, straighteners, make-up, skin care etc. The list really does go on. Well, I thought long and hard and managed to narrow my list down to just two products.

  • Luxe oil by Wella professionals
  • Natio Bronzer

I dont know where to begin about my love for this luxe oil. It literally is the best invention ever. It smells like heaven in a bottle and is so concentrated that you only need a couple of pumps max. It can be used on dry and/or wet hair but I find it works better if you use it with both. When your hair is wet, scrunch two pumps into the ends and after your hair is dry use one more pump and distribute through your hair. Not only will this make your hair feel smooth and silky, it will smell great and it will protect it against mother nature.

My second beauty product is this Natio Bronzer and it would have to be the best bronzer I have ever owned and thats a big statement coming from a bronzer fanatic. $19 from Priceline would you believe. It is the best colour and can be used all over the face, legs, arms, as a contour and even as an eye shadow. The natural glow this bronzer provides makes it the perfect summer beauty product, it even has a big mirror in the compact which makes it the perfect travel cojmpanion too.

  • Bec and Bridge Singlet
  • Windsor Smith slides
  • Roc Eyewear sunglasses
  • Bec and Bridge shorts
  • Jets swimwear striped bikini
  • White Bec and Bridge shorts
  • Bec and Bridge Tartan top.

Photography: Beau W

KW x

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