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From the shores of Summer Bay to the bright lights of Hollywood 28 year old Isabel Lucas is one of our most successful young Aussie Exports. Isabel first graced our television screens in 2003 as Tasha Andrews, an awkward teenage girl whose role in the show was specifically created to allow Isabel a part.

Three years later Isabel kissed her soap star roots goodbye and headed off to the big smoke. A mere three years later she scored herself a small role in a huge blockbuster movie- Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, cast alongside A-list Hollywood stars Shia LaBeouf and Megan fox. From this moment on Isabel really started to make a name for herself, by way of small but extremely desired roles in huge Hollywood productions with star studded casts. Among the most notable are Isabel’s roles as the goddess Athena in the 2011 film The Immortals and Gwen, a young Woman struck by love in the TV mini series The Pacific on HBO. However it is her role in Terrence Malick film Knight of cups due for release in 2014 where Isabel stars alongside Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett and Antonio Banderas that will undoubtedly thrust her into the limelight of serious cinema.

Although the aforementioned accomplishments are much to be proud of, Isabel would tell you her proudest moments are her work she continues to undertake as an environmental campaigner. To Isabel the environment is everything and the way people today go about consumerism with not a second thought about sustainability is what makes her saddest. Isabel is a boho icon so naturally I was so interested in interviewing her about her sense of style. It would be so easy for me to find and interview celebrities who love a good Hermes bag and fur coat but so rare to find one who makes fashion decisions based on ethically friendly practices and sustainability.

Izzy and I- Bondi Beach 03/12/13


Q: How would you describe your style?

I’d say, relaxed, comfortable, vintage… I like to support environmentally and socially conscious brands. I love a good op shop, that’s often where I find my favourite gems.

Q: What was your last Purchase?

It was a t-shirt made 50% from recycled plastic bottles, it’s amazing and a beautiful green colour.

Q: Whats is your go to Outfit?

I don’t think I have one. I usually dress intuitively to how I am feeling that morning. I like little ankle boots (usually without a heel because they are so practical and cute) and jeans, for when I have a day when I need to be constructive with my time, running errands etc. I love lace and floral dresses too.

Q: What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

Hm. I was gifted a beautiful, simple black Chanel bag, it’s so classic and elegant.<

Q: Favourite Label?

I’m not sure I have a favourite label but I do get really excited by designers that create with an awareness of recycling and an intention to be caring towards the earth.

I like Laura Siegal, she creates ethically handcrafted, easy to wear clothing – http://www.laurasiegelcollection.com/
Suno are collaborating with interesting organisations, Apple Arts NYC and Wildlife Works in Kenya. I like the recent project with Shantell Martin – http://www.sunony.com/suno-film-shantellmartin-collaboration-video. I have always loved Collette Dinningan. Kindred make really sweet pieces, they are Australian too.

Here are 3 sites that I found inspiring ~http://debutnewyork.com/#/abouthttp://awamaki.org/lab/project/http://www.evermanifesto.com/

Q: Favourite shop or boutique?

MelleSan is a French jeweller, she makes all her beautiful pieces with love and by hand. We recently collaborated on creating a 4 styles of crystal headpieces, I have always collected gemstones and cherish them, so I really enjoyed creating with her… http://www.mellesan.com/home

Q: Favourite city for shopping?

Maybe Melbourne. I’m not actually one to go shopping much, but I like Melbourne for the street shops and exploring the weekend markets for sweet little finds.

Q: Must have summer fashion item?

Maybe sandals or a Chance Bag – I love how this brand creates beautiful bags from reclaimed fabrics and materials, they are totally ‘earth-friendly’ and still beautiful, I really appreciate this about the designer.

Below are some pictures Taken of Isabel for the December issue of Vogue Australia styled by the Queen of all things beautiful herself, the fabulous Christine Centenera. They feature Isabel decked out in head to toe Chanel running around on a cricket pitch with a bunch of kids. It oozes sophistication but embodies everything about Australian Summer that we all know and love- Sunshine, tans and cricket. At the same time it is so far removed from anything that Isabel would seek to wear however she looks so incredibly at home and comfortable wrapped up in Chanel. It really is a match made in heaven.

This is one of my fave shoots!

KW x

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