Spring/Summer ’15 trend: White Out

White on white on white on white! A complete ‘White out’ is as chic and sophisticated as it gets people, especially for Summer.
Wearing white is a popular trend among all seasons, but nothing screams summer like a crisp all-white ensemble.White really is a no-brainer and while it is easy to wear and pull off there are still guidelines that need to be followed if perfecting the look is intended.

White on white creates far more of a statement than that of its darker counterpart-Black, however, if wrongly executed can make us look like doctors, nurses and lab scientists on the loose!
I find that the best way around this predicament is to add a stripe and a very faint one at that. A perfect example is the outfit I am in below.The top and pants is actually a silk pyjama set belive it or not and I am absolutely loving how they can be worn out during the day aswell.

I decided to pair the pyjama set with a crisp white blazer and a pair of metallic heels to give it a bit of an edge. This outfit is fresh and clean and would be perfect for a Spring/Summer lunch date or just kicking back at a beachside bar. Gone are the days of the beach to bar outfit, enter the bed to bar outfit! whats less stressful and time consuming then that!

Top: Equipment
Pants: Equipment
Blazer: Hunky Dory from Edwards Imports
Pendant: Swarovski
Shoes: Kenneth Cole
Photography: Chris McGeown
KW x

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