Romper Stomper

I love a jumpsuit just as much as the next lanky long limbed person, but this romper is taking things to the next level!

This jumpsuit is part of Life with Birds SS15 line and would have to be my favourite piece from the entire collection. It epitomises my style and personality down to a tee and I would happily live in it everyday for the rest of my life.

Aside from being the most comfortable thing I have ever draped on my body,  for something that is rather shapeless it is surprisingly flattering. The over sized billowy shape almost creates the illusion that the jumpsuit is in fact a shift dress. The beauty, however that this is in fact a jumpsuit is that is is incredibly low maintenance and I could cartwheel for days without flashing the nation…Always a bonus!

Ok, undie flashing shift dresses aside… I wanted to share some behind the scene preparation info with you all. This shoot is the perfect example of how my Fiance Beau and I work so well as a team. Every Friday I do the rounds at the PR companies and pull all these beautiful clothes to shoot over the weekend. I usually assign one day every weekend to shoot and this past weekend I had a jam packed Saturday so I assigned Sunday as ‘shoot day’. As all of you Sydney siders are aware Snday was the worst day EVER to be even remotely outdoors. It was pouring rain, windy and just downright freezing! I wanted to shoot this romper so badly but as it is from a Spring/Summer collection I knew it would look ridiculous shot in the rain in the middle of winter, it really needed a sunny winters day to create the right illusion. When I woke to rain on Sunday morning I was super peed off because shooting summer outfits in winter is hard enough let alone trying to find somewhere undercover with good natural light to create good shots. Beau (fiance aforementioned) assured me we could make it work. He said “lets have fun with it, grab an umbrella and just go and jump in the puddles” and after much convincing I was finally persuaded and I am so glad I caved. Aside from having numb fingers and toes by the end of it, we had so much fun shooting these photos and they came out better than I could have imagined.

It just goes to show that there is inspiration everywhere, even on a hideous freezing rainy winters day.


IMG_6543 IMG_6565 IMG_6506 IMG_6535 IMG_6527 IMG_6576 IMG_6531 IMG_6556

Jumpsuit: Life With Bird

Backpack: Rebecca Minkoff from Order of Style

Shoes: Tony Bianco

Photography: @theinkedshooter

KW x

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