However, I will talk Crossfit apparel, or more broadly fitness apparel in general. I mentioned in my previous fitness post that Crossfitters go absolutely stir crazy for Apparel and that was no lie. I have always liked looking nice at the gym, it could be that I am vain or that I come from a fashion background ( I like to think the latter) but whatever it is I have always had nice workout gear. It wasnt until I started crossfit that I tipped the scale and went full blown mad for it.

For as far as I can remember I have always been a Nike or Adidas girl and it wouldnt surprise me if most of you reading this are aswell. Whats not to love? They are affordable, colourful, durable, functional and stylish. I must admit, I still love my Nike and Adidas gear but since starting Crossfit I have become a fully fledged Reebok girl at heart.

The easiest way to put this is that Reebok is to crossfitters what Lululemon is to yogis. Get the appeal now? Reebok is the single biggest sponsor for Crossfit worldwide so they have an entire line (Reebok crossfit) dedicated just to the sport alone. A few years ago I wouldnt have even thought to shop at Reebok for gym gear but today it is my number one go to brand for anything activewear. Aside from stocking a great range of crossfit apparel, they also do a phenomenal range of normal workout gear and wearable activewear for everyday.

I love Reebok just as much as the next Crossfitter so I really couldnt say no to Shooting all this next season Reebok gear. I am absolutley loving all these bright colours, perfect for the summer months ahead and not to mention very complimentary to a tan!

Head to toe: Reebok
Sunglasses: Roc Eyewear
Photography : Beau W
KW x

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