For the love of Crossfit

There it is, my dirty little secret is out. I am a crossfitter…Loud and proud. And before you all roll your eyes and brand me as one of ‘those people’ I can promise you that I wont give you a run down of my daily Amrap (as many rounds as possible) and boast about how quick my time was. Instead, I thought it was the perfect time to introduce you all to the second love in my life after Fashion…The controversial world of crossfit.

Most of you know that I am an avid lover of fashion, travel, food and of course putting beautiful and sometimes crazy outfits together, but what alot of you might be suprised to learn is that I am also a huge Crossfit enthusiast.

You see, I tried the gym thing and there is something about running on a treadmill for an hour everyday five days a week that made me want to stick pins in my eyes. Regardless of this monotonous relationship I had established with the gym I stuck it out. Thankfully that only lasted for a couple of years, when two years ago a crossfit gym opened up at the end of my street. At the time I had no idea what crossfit was and I could not have forseen the impact it was going to have on my life, so out of pure curiosity and a desperate yearn for something new I gave it a go.

I have never looked back.

Just before I explain how crossfit has changed my life let me paint a little picture for you. I am 5″9 and weigh 59kgs, tall with a slender frame. I can back sqaut and clean more than my own bodyweight and I can run kilometres on end without feeling like I want to puke. If you had of told me two years ago that these would be my achievements I would have thought of you as slightly insane. But, this is one of the many reasons I adore crossfit. I surprise myself every single day and it has taught me to appreciate and love my body and I am truly fascinated by what it is capable of.

But before all you crossfit critics have a rant about how dangerous and injury prone crossfit is, hear me out. Yes, there are injuries, yes, there is bad technique and yes, unfortunately there are your egotistical gym jerks who just want to lift heavier than everyone else, but there is light and shade in every sport and I think Crossfit gets a really bad wrap. While I am aware that crossfit isnt perfectly executed at every gym I am of the belief that it is entirely your responsibility. It is up to you to decide whether it is safe and only you know how much your body can handle.There is so much negativity that surrounds the world of crossfit and almost every article I read on the subject it always tends to involve some sort of horror story or freak accident. Not enough is said about how encouraging and positive the environment is to be apart of and how that transfers into your everyday life, helping to relieve anxiety, boost self esteem and reduce stress to name a few.

So this brings me to the whole reason I love crossfit above all else and that is the good old C word.
I am referring to Camaraderie of course (get your heads out of the gutter). Crossfit breeds camaraderie and it runs deep in the veins of every member whether that is the kind of person you are or not. It is what motivates us to push on despite the hurt and ultimately it is what keeps us coming back for more.

The Camaraderie shown towards me during my first few sessions at my beloved Box HQ was what cemented my love for crossfit to begin with. I remember the Wod like it was yesterday and not for the right reasons, it was horrible. I think it was my second WOD (workout of the day) ever and it just so happened to be a ‘Hero’ WOD. For those of you unfamiliar with what that is, basically it is torture disguised as exercise. A ‘Hero’ Wod is a commemorative workout dedicated to soldiers killed in battle. The most popular, or, unpopular depending on how you look at it is ‘Murph’ which consists of the following:

  • One Mile run
  • 100 pull ups
  • 200 Push ups
  • 300 Squats
  • One mile run

Just let that sink in for a second…

Yes, it was hideous but I did it and was cheered on by my fellow crossfitters right up until the very end, pats on the back and all, at one point someone even started running beside me encouraging me to finish it off. This person didnt even know me and they were there with me right to the end, and that right there is why we bloody love it. Its raw, its emotional, its painful, its encouraging, its positive but its acheivable and it really does make you feel like you can acomplish anything.

On to the fashion side of things (because obviously that’s important) Its no secret that crossfitters are cray cray for a bit of crossfit apparel and I am absolutely no exceptiong to that rule. I have been known to spend an entire weeks wage on crossfit gear so I really couldnt say no to shooting all this next season Reebok Crossfit apparel in my beloved gym Box HQ.

Hope you enjoy.

Crossfit rant over.

Head to toe: Reebok Crossfit (not available until 2015)
Photography: Fiance Beau.
KW x

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