Editorial: Sans Pants

Well not completley sans pants of course. I am clearly wearing a bodysuit but sans actual bottoms. Its an editorial afterall so this quirky stuff is allowed isnt it? it would be so typical to wear this knit with pants and heels and if I was to do that I may aswell have just shot it out on the street. Instead we decided to have a little fun as this isnt the kind of outfit you shoot down at the park… Well… I mean, you could but it wouldnt be without some strange sideways glances.

Sometimes at the end of the day some things are just so amazing they need not be worn with anything else. Enter the perfect winter Knit and matching scarf. An absolute essential duo for this chilly time of the year. Designed by two sisters from Sydney who aim to offer collections based on their own visions rather than international trends. The Serpent and the swan label is inspired by the girls love of the animal kingdom with each garment uniquely adorned in animal inspired trimmings. The scarf I am wearing below for example can be turned into a snood by zipping the two ends together. staying true to their vision and style the designers have placed the beautiful face of a horse at the end of the zip. It is this incredible attention to detail that generates immense appreciation for the label itself but also what lead me to fall in love with their designs….That and the fact that I wouldnt dare face winter without this warm cosy duo.

Knit: Serpent & the SwanScarf (also worn around the wasit): Serpent & the Swan
Sneakers: Yohji Yamomoto from Pelle4ScarpeHigh
Tops: Zara
Photography: Chris McGeown
Hair/Make-up: By Normie www.bynormie.com.au
KW x

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