Editorial: Leather and Lace

Enter my newest little secret addiction- Casey Tanswell designs, the creative talent behind possibly the most beautiful dress I have ever worn.

I am not a huge lace girl myself, its never really been my style, a little too feminine perhaps. That was of course up until I stumbled upon this dress by the uber talented Casey Tanswell. Giving off the most perfect silhouette and contouring your body in all the right places I would have to say that this is actually THE most beautiful dress I have ever slipped on…and the most comfortable, Bonus!!

Quarter length bell sleeves with a high raw lace neckline are the standout features to the front of this dress but it only gets better on the back. A full circle cut out back with velvet buttons at the neck to keep you in. The lace work is so delicate and intricate it is almost like a work of art. The vertical line detailing down the length of the dress gives the illusional of a statuesque figue.

Of course I couldnt just be normal and pair this stunning gown with some black strappy heels. I had to throw my little spin on it and give it an edge so I paired it with these great black leather biker gloves. Now thats a winning ensemble.

This gown is the perfect balance between bohemian and contemporary and while it could quite possibly be the fashion love child frock of Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe I’d like to think I do just as good a job as showing it off as they would!

Dress: Casey Tanswell
Gloves: Pelle 4 Scarpe

Photograpgher: Chris McGeown
Hair/Make-up: By Normie

KW x

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