Editorial: Doris Q

This dress is just screaming to be worn and I am screaming to be invited somewhere fabulous to wear it. A spanish themed ball or a king and queen dress up party, there is something so modern yet classic and tradiitonal about this dress. I am in love with it.

Unfortunately I have not been inivted anywhere fabulous enough to wear this dress and obviously it’s not the kind of dress you tuck away to the back of the closet. It is the kind of dress that you wear if you want to make a serious statement.

Whilst I didnt have anywhere to wear it, I still had to give it a run to show you all how amazing it is. I decided to wear it with a pair of black biker boots. I love that they gave a tough edge to a rather fragile and delicate dress.

Dress: Doris Q
Boots: Zu Shoes
Hair and Make-up: By Normie www.bynormie.com.au
Photography: Chris McGeown
KW x

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