Denim for Days

Denim, like the white shirt, a nude pump and undoubtedly the little black dress, is an imperative staple in any wardrobe. Unlike prints, colours and seasonal items that trend from time to time, denim never goes out of style. It is one of those things that is continuously being reinvented and re-interpreted and is constantly evolving with the times. So much so, that I could sit here all night in an attempt to decipher the history of the humble denim jean and its style evolution over the years but we would honestly be here for decades.

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of teaming up with Australian global retail chain Cotton On to officially launch their latest installment of the 91 denim range. Most of us have grown up with Cotton On and for me they have always been the retailer I rely on anytime I need to stock up on some basics (denim now included). The 91 denim range has already been so impactful on the Australian fashion scene that it has forever cemented Cotton On as a denim destination for years to come. The range is so vast and diverse that it offers a staggering 75 colours across 6 styles for Women and 7 styles for Men.

  Gone are the days of spending a preposterous amount of money on overpriced designer denim in search of high quality and esteemed construction . The price points of the 91 denim range are unsurpassed and the quality and attention to detail is up there with some of the best denim labels in the world…Trust me, I’ve owned them all!

There wasn’t a single pair of jeans that I tried on from this collection that I didn’t love and needed to own. I ended up walking away with about five pairs and I could have kept going…Yep, I could have left with all 75 of them, mens included! For most of us, finding that perfect pair of jeans is a daunting task to say the least. Short people complain about length, tall people complain about length, petite people complain that they can’t wear boyfriend jeans and curvy girls complain they can’t wear skinnies…The list goes on. Thankfully, Cotton On have made this process that little bit less burdensome.

I was fortuitous enough to host two styling sessions for Cotton On in both Sydney and in Melbourne last week to help officially launch the range to the public. I styled a total of six looks, three for the women and three for the men, consisting of three ‘hero’ fits for each of the sexes. The top three women’s denim items were the Skinny High Rise 7/8, Deluxe Moto and of course the indispensable Denim Shirt Dress. The mens denim consisted of the Skinny Straight, the Track Skinny and the remarkably comfortable Slouch Tapered Jean. I really wanted to style these outfits to reflect current trends on the fashion scene and I wanted the mens and women’s looks to mirror each other with a natural flow of effortlessness. With that in mind I styled accordingly and managed to explore the Sport Luxe theme, punk rock, casual and of course the outrageously fabulous denim on denim.

All in all this collection quite literally blew my mind. I went in to this with little to no expectations about fit, quality and durability and I have come out the other end a complete and utter Cotton On denim convert.

Well done folks, pats on the backs all round.

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Wearing head to toe Cotton on and Jimmy Choos.

(neck tie courtesy of a redundant Karen Millen shopping bag)

KW x


  • Sydney Style Blogger / 21 July 2016 11:53

    Love the ways in which you have styled your denim look and the look on the guy too! Definitely a staple in everyones wardrobe and so many ways to style it. Great read hun. It’s made me want to go back and check out Cotton on, I had strayed away for a while as the brand wasn’t providing the denim I wanted, but this has intrigued me!
    SSB | http://www.instagram.com/sydney_styleblogger

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