Crimson Light Part 1

I remember seeing the shoot in Brittish Vogue and absolutely falling in love with it. Victoria Beckham draped in winter collections from Lanvin, chanel and Oscar De La Renta wearing nothing more than a pair of grubby gumboots or wellingtons as the brits would call them. Shot in the most exquisite garden that just oozed colour and life into every shot, Victoria looked absolutely flawless and surprisingly at home wearing her wellies and pushing a wheelbarrow full of flowers. I just loved the contrast between glamour and grime and how well they tied in together. strangely there is something very sexy and fashion forward about a silk evening dress paired with gumboots.

This shoot stayed with me for the most part of the year and I desperately yearned to shoot an editorial of my own with this vogue shoot as the inspiration. I knew I had to be very selective about the location, the photographer, hair and make-up and of course the range of clothes I used. Everything really had to compliment eachother in order for this to work.

First things first, I had to source the photographer. I had worked with Tim numerous times before on shoots for my blog but we had never teamed up to do anything of this scale. Tim and I had been discussing shooting on a particular farm just south of Sydney for a while but had never agreed upon a date we were both available. Thankfully this time we managed to lock in a day that suited us both. Tim and I messaged back and forth in the lead up, I sent him images of all the outfits I wanted to source and he gave me the lowdown on how well they would fit into the location. Finally, we decided that the current AJE collection would be the most perfect range of clothes to shoot down at the farm. The line is very whimsical and boho but still incredibly fashion forward and sexy. Of course to top it off I would need a pair of wellies! I did initially want a pair of black Hunters but decided that my black studded gumboots I bought in Prague in 2010 would do the trick.

Outfits sorted!

Usually I do all my own hair and makeup for my shoots but on this ocassion I decided to use my Hair and Make-up angel Norman. Norman is my go to guy for colour, cuts, styling, makeup, skincare, eyebrows, honestly the list goes on so he was the obvious choice to create my hair and makeup look for this editorial. Norman decided that my hair needed to be big and messy and my make-up needed to be natural but super bronzed.

Like I said, all these elements really needed to work with eachother for us to pull this off and I think we did such an amazing job. I was so incredbly happy with the shots. We were blessed with the most amazing afternoon, the light was just stunning and we wanted to shoot for hours but like all good things, the light only lasted breifly so we had to be quick.

Heres Part 1, I hope you enjoy it.

Kara Farm Shoot-21 Kara Farm Shoot-39 Kara Farm Shoot-58 Kara Farm Shoot-50Kara Farm Shoot-26 Kara Farm Shoot-19 Kara Farm Shoot-41 Kara Farm Shoot-31 Kara Farm Shoot-62 Kara Farm Shoot-65 Kara Farm Shoot-67 Kara Farm Shoot-46

Look #1: White dress by Aje

Look #2: Sequin strapless by Aje

Fedora: Roc Eyewear

Photography: Tim Frawley @takenbytim


Hair/Makeup: Norman Gonzales @bynormie


KW x

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