Cream of the crop

Alot of us are scared to pair cream and white together and I totally get it. Sometimes a crisp white skirt paired with a cream top or vice versa can make the cream seam a little dirty.

Like any piece of fashion, the trick is in the way you style it and the items you choose to pair with the white. In order for a cream and white combo to work you need to pair a piece that is distinctly cream with something that is distinctly white, none of this inbetween business. If you were to choose something that was off white and pair it with a winter white, this is where things start to go a bit pear shaped and appear a little grubby. Another great trick is to team something simple with another piece that is textured so that the eye is drawn to the detail of the outfit rather than the clashing of shades.

I threw this outfit together to give you all the perfect example.

Dont be scared of mixing creams and whites, when styled properly it can make the perfect little ensemble.

IMG_7560 IMG_7603 IMG_7549 IMG_7558 IMG_7564 IMG_7583

Knit: I love Mr Mittens

Dress (worn under knit): Anna Quan

Shoes: The Mode Collective

Photography: @theinkedshooter

KW x

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