Adventures of a Logies frock

On Sunday night The Crown Palladium in Melbourne played host to the 56th annual TV week Logie awards. Frequently refered to as Televisions ‘night of nights’ the Logies are one of, if not the biggest red carpet event held in Australia. So much preperation and planning goes into this one night, but the most demanding and time consuming task of all is of course deciding what to wear.

This year I was lucky enough to assist the Lovely Sonia Kruger on her quest for the perfect Logies dress. This process, or as I have appropriately renamed it ‘Adventure’ took approximately two months and involved numerous fittings, phone calls, emails, international flights and late nights spent in front of a sewing machine.
The majority of you simply switch on your TV’s and see all the glamorous celebrities strutting their gorgeous gowns down the red carpet. What most of you dont witness is the chaos and tireless work that goes on for months in the lead up. Luckily for everyone at home I documented that exact journey, from mental inspiration to red carpet ready via a series of pictures so you too can see exactly what goes on behind the scenes.

Now, Where does one start exactly? well usually by determining who will design the dress. Given that Sonia is quite a well known and respected television personality she had an array of designers at her disposal. What narrowed this list down was the fact that Sonia agreed to host the red carpet which is presented by Myer. What this means is that Sonia must wear a gown by a designer that is stocked in a Myer depatrtment store. And of course anyone given that choice would be silly not to go with the fabulously talented Mr Alex Perry.

Alex was instantly on board and ready for our first brainstorm. Sonia and I met with him at his head office in Darlinghurst to discuss what we had invisioned. Sonia wore a black sequin Steven Khalil last year and the two years before that was in white…it was time for some colour! Sonia and I both loved the idea of a one shoulder gown in a deep red lace and delightedly Alex was mad about it too, in fact he just so happened to have some beaded lace in the studio…It was fate. And that was that, right then and there, the three of us all agreed that this year Sonia would wear a red lace one sleeve dress to the Logies.

Next step, after deciding on the style and design of the dress is to get straight into a calico fitting. Calico is typically a white cotton cloth which is used to create a working model of a gown to make sure it looks and fits right before cutting into the beautiful fabric.


Calico Fitting done and dusted! Sonia is now booked in for a secondary fitting with Alex a week later. During this fitting Sonia discusses with Alex in further detail the dimensions of the dress to which Alex compiles a sketch. Sonias measurements and the calico is now packed in Alex’s suitcase and off he heads to India to have the lace hand beaded. A couple of weeks later Alex returns with red beaded lace in hand and gets to work with his team creating the body of the dress.

Approximately a week after his return we are called in for a fitting which went a little something like this…


A custom Gown usually takes at least 3-4 fittings before anything starts to take shape and this was no exception. During this second fitting we tried the gown on with a nude lining underneath but felt that it took away from the delicacy of the lace. We then came  up with a solution. If the lace was in fact lined with lace and then built up on top to make the bust and waist area less transparent surely that should do the job? Alex Deliberated this and was happy to go away and play around with the design. A few tweaks here and there with the fit and we were on our way!


While the dress was in its final stages of production I was on a mission to find Sonia the perfect accessories to match her dress. Choosing accesories for a beaded gown can, on ocassion be a little bit of a challenge..however its never impossible.

I managed to find the perfect shoe in the form of a patent nude sandal from Jimmy Choo. Next step was matching the jewels. The gown is quite busy with double lace and beading detail so naturally we chose to go minimal on the accesories front. In the end we opted for a garnet cocktail ring and earrings by local jeweller Musson which complimented the colour of the dress perfectly.

Finding the perfect bag was probably the most difficult task throughout the entire process. Nude bags were incredibly difficult to find considering it was last minute and with winter stock being in stores I was only really given the option of blacks, silvers or the dreaded glomesh. I was slowly losing hope until the perfect bag from Oroton arrived. A red satin bag caged in gold metal…Thank you fashion gods!!!

The Final Dress fitting with Alex was held the Friday just gone, two days before the Logies. Everything went perfectly to plan and on Sunday morning I jumped on a plane headed for Melbourne with Sonia’s dresses in tow. Getting ready was a breeze and always a laugh a minute with Sonia. Alex met us at Sonias room and together we got her dressed in her beautiful gown and now she was ready for the red carpet.

Seeing months of hard work come to life on a red carpet is the most amazing feeling and is such an incredibly proud moment for all involved. But above all the best part of the entire experience is the privledge of working with people like Sonia and Alex. Both exceptionally good at what they do it is an absolute honor to be able to work along side them and feed off them creatively and ultimatley it is people like them that are the reason I love what I do.

Until Next year Logies!

KW x

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