Activewear as daywear

Activewear as daywear- How to pull it off without looking and feeling like a try hard.

I’ve touched on this subject lightly in previous posts but I thought why not dedicate an entire write up to it, afterall, I do spend half my life in gym gear.

My last post, titled ‘Reebok’ discussed the growth of the label and attempted to make sense of the current obsession crossfitters have with apparel. I lightly touched on my appreciation for activewear labels that continue to create designs wearable not just for the gym but for everyday use also.

Brands such as Nike and Adidas are all well known for their wearable lines of womens ‘fashion’. Tracksuit pants, bomber jackets, wedged sneakers, all of which are popular for everyday wear amongst dancers, trainers, yoga teachers and individuals with a more urban/street sense of style. Activewear is no longer confined to the gym or dance studio but instead has become seemingly popular with everyday fashion. A perfect example of this is the most recent trend of sneakers with your favourite dress or pair of jeans, which I myself have adopted in the past. Today, there is nothing more chic and minimilistic than a pair of Nike frees teamed with your favourite coat and jeans.

So this begs the question…How do you incorporate Activewear into your daywear. Firstly I think it really depends on your sense of style. If you are a really urban/street style dresser then this fusion should be a piece of cake, chances are the majority of your wardrobe is activewear labels anyway. If your style is more like mine and is a bit more laidback/modern and minimal then my guess is that you dont have mountains of Adidas originals bombers and high tops at the ready. I would much prefer to take two activewear components and mix them in with my everyday pieces.

The below outfit I styled recently is a perfect example of what I mean. These relaxed harem style pants are perfect for everyday use, they are comfortable, a great base colour and not to mention they look great. I teamed them with some old school reebok pumps and a black crop top which I usually wear over the top of shirts and dresses. This combo is a little more street than what I would usually wear, normally I would wear the crop over the top of something but I was having a rare flat tummy day so I thought what the heck!

Crop: May the Label
Pants: Reebok
Shoes: Reebok
Sunglasses: AM Eyewear

KW x

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