A week in Swimwear- The High waist Bikini

Dress for your body shape and flaunt your assets!

The single most important rule in fashion which, funnily enough, should also be applied when choosing swimwear.

I am in no way shape or form curvy or bottom heavy but have always disliked certain parts of my body, heck! I’m only human. I have always been self conscious of certain bits so I have always felt more comfortable in certain bikini styles more so than others. No other style of bikini makes me feel more confident, sexy and womanly than a high waist.

The high waist bikini has been popular for decades, since the 1940’s to be exact. Marilyn Monroe, one of the sexiest people to ever walk the earth was photographed many times in a high waist bikini which, would have most people under the impression that its a style that only the curvier women can pull off.

Its true, if you are pear shaped, bottom heavy, short or simply don’t like your tummy then the high waist bikini is the style for you. However, I am not one of the aforementioned shapes and yet I feel as though the high waist bikini works wonders for my body. Firstly, I absolutely envy women with curves. I have no curves, not a single one, so anything that gives the illusion of curves I’ll be all over like a rash. While a high waist bikini on a pear shaped women accentuates a tiny waist, a high waist black bikini bottom on a slimmer figure gives the illusion of curves. High waist bikinis also elongate the legs and I mean, who doesn’t want that!

Safe to say the high waist bikini is the most versatile style for every shape.

I did some searching and found a winner. incorporating the monochromatic theme too and featuring gorgeous back details, this bikini is a showstopper.

444 418 369 410 432 426 435 399 388

Bikini top and bottom: Kookai

Bracelet: Swarovski

Photographer: @theinkedshooter

Hair/Makeup: @bynormie


KW x


  • CC / 15 January 2015 6:15

    It’s a showstopper alright. Outside of the fact that that top is completely see through when wet, I concur with your article. Is this typical for swimwear in Australia?

  • Kara / 15 January 2015 7:40

    Hi There, Thanks for your comment. White will always be see through when wet, which is a shame but, at the end of the day they are only nipples and I think its kinda hot and totally acceptable when wearing a high waist as you are more covered down the bottom than in a traditional bikini style. xx

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