A week in Swimwear- The Bodysuit

The last few days have consisted of clouds, rain, wind, storms and a bothersome drop in temperature. Nevertheless, it’s still summer so celebrate we must!

I have taken the liberty of rounding up and shooting my favourite swimwear pieces for the season. Not only are they my favourite, they are pieces which you couldnt possibly face summer without owning.

Recently I teamed up with my gorgeous hub and my favourite hair and make-up angel Norman to shoot these swimwear pieces. I was going to wait a while before showing them to you all but seeing as the weather at the moment is attempting to deter us from getting our ‘kinis out I thought it was the perfect time for some summer inspo. Plus, word on the street is its going to be a warm one this weekend.

This week, everyday, I am going to roll out a different swimsuit style onto the blog.

First up is the Bodysuit, wetsuit, wetty, whatever slang you want to use. Not to be mistaken with the surfing kind, I am refering to the sexy, bond girl emerging from the water kind.

Nowadays it is perfectly acceptable to wear a bodysuit at the beach. In fact it is the perfect beach to bar attire, wack on a pair of shorts and your good to go. You can even wear your ‘kini under your bodysuit in case you feel like stripping down another layer.

Dont fret! I saved you the searching and found the perfect one.

136 282-2 140 227 175 131 165 280

Bikini top: Triangl

Bodysuit: Duskii

Photograpgher: @theinkedshooter

Hair/Makeup: @bynormie


KW x


  • Alanna / 16 January 2015 3:04

    A M A Z I N G !!! You are so beautiful and talented xx

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