A week in Lingerie: White

This week, French lingerie label Simone Perele has teamed up with SydneyStyleEdit to bring you my top five picks from the new collection.

First, A little background on the Perele brand.

Simone Perele began as a small corsetmaking business in Paris in 1948. At the time, Lingerie was only intended to define the shape of a woman and in the 50’s that shape was the cone like silhouette reminicsent of the great Bridget Bardot and more recently Madonna. Every decade since, Perele, much like many great fashion design and corestry houses before have had to adapt to the times and design collections accordingly. the 80’s were all about seduction and so designs became sexier and more revealing while the 90’s were all about comfort which saw the introduction of microfibre products which were lightweight and more affordable. Nowadays I feel as though we incorporate Lingerie a lot more into our everyday fashion than years gone by. the Mentality that Lingerie is meant to be sacred and is for the eyes of the wearer and her partner only doesnt generally apply in this day and age. It is very common to see a woman walking downt the street in a white T-shirt with a lace bra clearly visible underneath. Often, the whole reason for buying a sexy bra is because it will be seen when incorporated into our daily outfits.

Which brings me to the whole reason I teamed up with Perele in the first place…

Lingerie IS Fashion and Perele design specifically for the Fashion forward woman with passion and art at the heart of every single creation. As an advocate for design, style and art, this is a philosophy I both respect and appreciate.

Now, finally, onto the Lingerie itself. I chose five of my favourite Perele sets which I will filter throught the blog over the next week. First up is this classic white bra and undie set. Personally I require a little bit of padding in all of my bras and this particular bra has the perfect amount. I love the lace detailing on the sides as it means I can wear it underneath a white T-shirt or low cut muscle tank and show off the detail.

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Lingerie: Simone Perele

To view the entire collection head to www.simone-perele.com.au

Skirt: Nicole Bennet

Photography: Chris McGeown

Hair/Makeup: @bynormie


KW x

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