A week in Lingerie: Orange is the new black

Sexy is the absolute last word I would use to describe myself. In fact, I don’t feel like I am sexy in any way shape or form so shooting Lingerie for Simone Perele was an extremely daunting and challenging venture for me. You see, I am the type of girl that will be in a pant suit in a room full of women in tight fitted dresses. Its not a bad thing, in fact, I prefer it that way. I have just always been the type to leave the sexy side of things to the imagination. You will rarely find me in a skirt or dress shorter than knee length and to see me exposing any part of the chest area is even rarer (in my defense, there really isn’t much of a cleavage to begin with). Alas, here I am exposing my cleavage…go figure!

It amazes me how something as minimal as slipping on Lingerie can invoke feelings of power and confidence in even the women who feel the least sexy and feminine. Out of all the sets I shot for my ‘Week in Lingerie’ posts this orange set definitley made me feel the sexiest. Most often, when choosing a coloured set, people will opt for red, however I think red under a white T-shirt for example is a little too racy. The Orange on the other hand is perfect, still really sexy but not suggestively.

I have always been of the belief that necessities in our undergarment wardrobe should consist of the following:

– 1 x black lace set

– 1 x white set

– 1 x nude set

– 1 x coloured set

In short, a coloured set is a necessity and non-negotiable.

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Lingerie: Simone Perele

To view the entire collection head to www.simone-perele.com.au

Photographer: Chris McGeown

Hair/Makeup: @bynormie


Huge thanks also to the kind folk at QT Hotels Sydney who kindly lent their space to us to shoot in.

KW x


  • Tracey / 8 April 2015 12:29

    You Look amazing. Sexy, confident, happy. And the Orange is fab. .

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