A week in Lingerie: Classic Black

The fifth and final installment of my ‘Week in Lingerie’ with Simone Perele comes to you in the form of this incredibly sexy black duo.

This look was by far the most fun to shoot. My hair and Make-up angel Norman decided to really (and I quote) “whore me up”. We opted for a much darker lip and a full blown smokey eye, much to the disapproval of my fiance who much prefers the au naturel look. The make-up perfectly complimented the Lingerie set…dark, moody and sexy (well done Normie!).

This black lace set is all about unleashing your inner sexy. I think that no matter who you are, what you do for a living or what body shape you are, the minute you slip into a black lace lingerie set you instantly feel sexy…To some degree anyway, it’s inevitable really! The whole inspiration behind this particular shoot was to blur the lines between the sexes. The space we shot in (an old school barber shop) is obviously a very male dominated space and I think the image of a successful and confident woman completely owning that space and being in full control of everything going on around her is extremely strong and powerful.

Make-up and Lingerie aside for a minute while I tell you all about how amazing this space was to shoot in. This look was shot in the super old school yet super trendy barber shop at the QT hotel Sydney. This hotel, while being an extremely luxurious home away from home for many was an absolute dream to shoot at. There was a photo opportunity around every corner. From the quirky decor and old school interior to the crazy artwork and colourful mood lighting, it didnt matter which corner we turned, there was a picture just waiting to be taken. I had wanted to shoot at the QT barber shop for a while and finally I had an editorial worth shooting there for.

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Lingerie: Simone Perele

To view the entire Collection head to www.simone-perele.com.au

Photographer: Chris McGeown

Hair/Make-up: @bynormie


Thank you to QT Hotel for making this shoot possible.

KW x

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