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A splash of colour

First of all, apologies for not posting in over a week. I had some amazing outfits lined up to shoot but last weekend I managed to break my back. I use the term ‘break’ loosely because obviously if I had broken it I would find typing this post extremely difficult. I may as well have broken it because the pain was excruciating, in fact what I did was tear a muscle right off the bone (my body is an asshole). I wish there was some hilarious or bizarre  story behind this injury but to be honest it is the most boring and normal possible way to injure yourself. And of course I will bore you with the details. Last Friday night I was sitting on the lounge room floor playing with my 10 month old niece, I twisted around to grab her from behind me and instantly realised I had done something. I couldn’t stand up without the pain becoming so intense that I felt like passing out. I spent the night in hospital drugged up on Morphine and couldn’t walk for the next two days. Fun!!

Nevertheless, here I am a week later bringing you an active wear post, oh the Irony. As most of you know by now I am a huge Crossfit fanatic but due to my decrepit body I’ve had to hold off the last week. I have missed training like I never thought possible. I don’t sleep anywhere near aswell, I wake up tired, My routine is all out of whack and I find myself constantly indulging in naughty food because whats the point in eating right if I cant hit the gym. All or nothing I say.

So…Because I cant train properly at the moment I thought I would feed my fitness addiction by sporting some new workout gear as inspiration for when I am up to it again. I am in no way a devout monochrome follower when it comes to workout gear, I love a splash of colour. Who am I kidding? I like to look like a rainbow has just chewed me up and spat me out. The brighter the better! So there should be no surprise at my adoration for this rather fluorescent workout ensemble.

These tights take tie dye to a whole new level and when one would normally tone them down a notch in the shoe department I went for bright again with these Stella Mccartney for Adias sneakers. I actually love these sneakers so much that I wear them out casually with a pair of grey slouchy shorts and a grey V-neck T-shirt. This backpack is the perfect activewear bag. Just enough room to keep your phone, wallet, keys drink bottle etc and made from neoprene it is waterproof and super comfy.


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Sports Bra: Nike

Tights: Adidas

Shoes: Stella McCartney for Adidas

Jumper: (worn around waist) BooHoo fit

Bag: Tringl

Sunglasses: Roc Eyewear

Photographer: @theinkedshooter

KW x

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